What the Home Owner NEEdS TO DO

  1. One of the first steps is to check with city to see if they will allow a swimming pool on your property. While it is normally not an issue, the city will be  able to tell you if there are any special setbacks, covenants, no build zones, or easements on the property that might pose an issue. 

  2. Get a detailed copy of your lot plans (showing measurements of the property and any structures on the property) which can be obtained from the city.

  3. You will also want to check the access to the backyard to ensure you have a minimum of 8’ to allow for the excavator and bobcat (ideally 12' of access allows for the average size machines)

  4. Get building permit from city.

  5. Ensure you get an electricians quote for pool equipment and natural gas quote if planning on a gas heater.

  6. Arrange Water Truck when pool is ready if not using garden hose. (Much faster)

  7. Ensure you understand fence bylaws.