A Natural Approach to Pool Water Treatment – UVO3
August 02/2017

What if your pool could have cleaner, clearer water while actually using less chemicals? Most pool owners would jump at that opportunity. The technology that makes this possible is a combination of ultraviolet light (UV) and ozone gas (O3). Before we get into the technical side of things, consider some of the benefits. Many pool owners are choosing a UVO3 system for the following reasons.

• Water clarity. UVO3 delivers exceptional water treatment and the finest level of water clarity and purity.
• Reduces chloramines. Cuts chloramines by 50%, eliminating chlorine odors, red itchy eyes, and maximizing swimmer comfort.
• Cost savings. Reduces overall chemical usage and chlorine demand by 50% or more, cutting overall chemical costs.
• Natural treatment. Reduces overall chemical usage and chlorine demand to provide a natural and environmentally friendly swimming experience.

How does it work? The UV Ozone System injects Ozone into the pool water just upstream of the main reaction vessel. Next, the Ozone-treated water is then exposed to potent, ultraviolet rays as it passes through the vessel. The UV light breaks down chlorine-resistant microoganisms—like algae, bacteria and viruses—rendering them inactive. When the Ozone collides with the UV light a reaction occurs that creates highly potent hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxyl radicals have even more oxidation potential than Ozone, which is known as Advanced Oxidation Process. Together, these 3 treatments work synergistically to remove chlorine by-products, providing an entirely new level of safe water quality. The result is 99.9% of microorganisms in the water are neutralized. Used in conjunction with a small amount of chlorine, this system provide 100% peace of mind. 

If this seems like too much to take in, all you need to know if that it is a safe and effective system for clean and clear water. We highly recommend the Hayward HydroRite which is compatible with most existing swimming pools. Watch this video for a quick overview of the HydroRite.

Contact us today about a new UVO3 system for your pool, and enjoy the cleanest water possible. Why swim in anything less than the best?

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