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What is a salt pool?

  • Your pool becomes a ‘salt water pool’ by the installation of device called a Salt Water Chlorinator.  This is a two part unit – the diagnostic control box mounting to the wall of your pool shed.  And the electrode ‘cell’ is plumbed into the plumbing line after the heater.  A large amount of salt (600 lbs or so) is added to the pool initially.  Since the salt does not evaporate it is only topped up from time-to-time because of splash out or the addition of make-up water to your pool
  • A salt water system is an alternative way to sanitize your pool water
  • A salt water pool is still a chlorine pool!  When the salt water passes over the cell electrode, it converts to chlorine 


Can I change to a salt water pool?

  • Switching to a salt water pool is easy! All you need to do is add the recommended amount of salt for the number of liters in your pool, install the salt water chlorinator and turn it on. Potentially any pool can be changed to salt. Ask Vantage about switching to salt water this year. You can even do it yourself!

How to maintain a salt pool

  • The water balance of Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and Stabilizer must still be maintained
  •   The cell electrode needs to be cleaned regularly (At least once a year although some manufacturers suggest up to 3 times a year)
  • The cell needs to be replaced every 4 -5 years
  • The unit needs to be winterized.  The system will not function below 55F, 13C


What are the benefits of a salt pool? 

  • The water is VERY COMFORTABLE for swimming. Silky and soft.
  • Unlike sea water, you will not have salt residue on your skin (the salt concentration is less than your teardrop)
  • No more ‘red eye’!
  • Because the unit is consistently putting out a continuous level of chlorine, the pool will stay clear and algae free
  • If you go away for a couple of weeks in the summer, your pool will look lovely on your return – no algae
  • Increases blood circulation


Is there a ‘down’ side to a salt water pool?

  • Salt is naturally corrosive and for this reason, maintaining your water balance is extremely important
  • A regular maintenance dose of Scale Inhibitor is recommended
  • It is necessary to regulate the device according to pool usage.  Maintaining high chlorine readings on a daily basis is not recommended.  IF a higher bather load is expected, turn the machine up.  When the usage returns to normal, turn the unit down again!
  • Because the cell needs to be replaced every few years, the system will never pay for itself BUT you will have beautifully clear, comfortable water all the time!

The Hayward Aqua Rite is highly recommended by Vantage as the best way to bring salt water to your pool.
The three sizes enable you to right-size your system for the most efficient and cost-effective chlorination possible. 

The T-CELL-15 sanitizes up to 40,000 gallons

The T-CELL-9 sanitizes up to 25,000 gallons

The T-CELL-3 sanitizes up to 15,000 gallons

Aqua Rite provides complete pool and spa sanitization using ordinary salt. It converts a small amount of salt – approximately one teaspoon per gallon of pool water – into a virtually endless supply of fresh, pure chlorine. This environmentally friendly and self-renewing process produces up to 1.45 pounds of chlorine a day, enough to keep the water in a 40,000-gallon pool clean, clear and luxuriously soft.

Another option is the Hayward Salt & Swim system for easy do it yourself installation.

Salt & Swim is the most affordable way to move up to a salt chlorinated pool and experience softer, silkier water. If you’ve dreamed of owning a salt chlorinated pool, Salt & Swim is the answer that fits into most household budgets. It offers a more natural approach to sanitization and will cut the time you spend managing your water chemistry. No more mixing, measuring or messing around with liquid or tablet chlorine. Say goodbye to red eyes, dry skin and chlorine odor.

Salt & Swim is truly a do-it-yourself installation with no gluing required. You can have the ultimate swimming experience in just 20 minutes and four easy steps - it’s so simple.

Salt & Swim offers 6-month service cells for shorter seasons and 12-month service cells for pools that are open year-round. Salt Cell is included in the box with the control unit.

  • DIY installation with no gluing required
  • Replaceable salt cell priced comparable to annual cost of chlorine
  • For in-ground pools only up to 25,000 gallons
  • Easy to interpret LED control panel
  • Online DIY AssistantTM
  • Universal twist on connectors for 1.5” and 2” plumbing
  • Super chlorination feature
  • 2 year limited warranty (control box)
  • Plugs into 120 V, GFCI outlet

Ask Vantage about making your pool a SALT pool!


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