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Pool & Spa Filter cleaning


How do I clean my cartridge filter?

Weekly the filter should be rinsed with a garden hose and then put back into the hot tub. Monthly the filter needs a chemical cleaning. If this is done regularly your filter should last about 2 years.

Remove the cartridge;
Rinse with a garden hose to remove loose debris. A hose-end nozzle is best – a pressure washer has too much pressure. (Note: this will not eliminate the accumulated oils);
Every time you clean your filter, use SpaGuard Filter Brite according to label instructions; allow to soak in bucket for 8-12 hours.
Thoroughly rinse the cartridge again. (Ideally, the cartridge should be allowed to dry before being returned to service);
Return the cleaned cartridge to the filter housing;
Replace the filter element as often as the manufacturer or SpaGuard Dealer recommends;

Use SpaGuard Polysheen weekly.

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Sand Filters

Sand filters can also be cleaned using a larger bag of Filter Brite. Mix the contents in a pail of water and add through the pump or skimmer basket. When the solution enters the sand filter turn the pump off for 8 - 12 hours to allow the solution to soak in the sand. This will eat away at any greases, oils, chemical build up and help to rejuvenate the sand. After the 8 - 12 hour period start the pump with the filter on 'Backwash'. After a thorough backwash, do a breif rinse cycle and then put the sand filter back to filter mode. For further details see the directions on the Filter Brite label.

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